Sunday, 9 May 2010

the anxiety and the relief

when i read the words epidural haematoma in the  c t scan report of my daughter who had fallen from the bike and was unconscious, i was so apprehensive as i have known the case of Raman Lamba the criketeer and almost stricken with fear and anxiety. The hospital told me nothing to worry, but i was a little bit shaken and i wanted to transfer her to a better medical facility, immediately she was transferred to Isabella hospital, mylapor,chennai.The early morning threw the sunlight in the name of one Dr.Suresh babu, with a statement like this, nothing to worry she will be discharged after a day of observation. "Then only i realised that she was quite ok and i was nervous. Ëxactly after two days after another ct scan which didnot even comfort me  , she was discharged from the hospital. She is perfectly alright and i am still perplexed.

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